Det spredte rodnet af forgiftede planter i din nærradius

The piece was on the exhibition Landmark, curated by Surprice Laboratory International, and exhibited at Gröhögen 23.6.-30.9.2023. Al the pieces was created at a workshop at Öland 8.-18.6. 2023. We where eighteen artists from Scandinavia and Balticum working with deceased  elms and ashtrees from the Island, giving back the wood in a new shape as sculptures.

The title; ‘Det spredte rodnet af forgiftede planter i din nærradius’ refereres to my child- and youth experiences with my my deeply psycotic grandmother, who ruled my families live in an absurd and disorted manner. A bit like an absurd theatreplay.  The piece draws, as much of my work in generel, lines to dadaism og surrealism with its  disorted and cartoonish reality.

At the finissage I am doing a performance with it.